we are very excited about our newest release of “The List+” from THE MAY FIRE on 12” vinyl, with handprinted covers. the A-side features “The List” - the third ep in the trilogy The May Fire has recorded in the past year the +-side features one brand-new exclusive song, and a compilation of fan favorites from their two previous eps, “Plastic Army” and “La Victoria”, as well as the band’s first full-length cd “Right and Wrong”. The May Fire is one of the hottest bands in the Bay Area, consistently turning out rock hits. purchase of “the List/+” on vinyl includes a free mp3 download.
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also available in-store at:
Amoeba Records (SF and Berkeley)
Streetlight Records (24th St. & Mkt. St. in SF)
Rasputin Music (Bay Area)
Mod Lang (El Cerrito)
Watts Music (Novato, CA)
Needles and Pins Records (Pomona, CA)

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